CD Artwork refers to the paper parts that are included in the CD box.  This usually comprises a booklet (which can be anything from 4 pages upwards), and an insert, which goes into the back of the box behind the CD.

There are two processes by which we create these paper parts:


The booklets and inlays for desktop printed artwork are generally quite simple designs that can be quickly printed on our desktop printer.  It is a cost effective way to package your CD with more than a simple Sprint inlay (text only), but without going to manufacture.

  • Max of 4 pages  (4 colour outside and monochrome inside)
  • 4 colour single sided inlay
  • We can enhance a simple Sprint inlay with, for example, a photograph, or create something more elaborate.
  • Ideal for short runs, no order too small.
  • Limited graphics
  • 720 dpi inkjet printed – choice of papers
  • Fast turnaround
  • Ideal for:  demos/promos, archival, bespoke

We have a CD/DVD desktop printer and can use aspects of you design to print onto the discs themselves (on-body printing).


The booklets and inlays for Commercial Design and Print Artwork can be as simple or elaborate as you require.  This service is only available with manufactured discs (or extended runs of CD-R duplication), with a minimum print run of 1000.  Our experienced designer will create a look for your CD, which considers all page combinations, shapes and sizes.

  • No maximum number of pages (all colour combinations)
  • Single or double sided inlay (colour or monochrome)
  • We can acquire images from many sources (eg: Bridgeman library) and also include any images provided by you.
  • PDF proofs (Adobe Acrobat) – We also have an experienced proof reader who will check text and layout.
  • CMYK printing (offset litho)
  • Minimum 1000 units
  • Print turnaround about 2 weeks
  • Ideal for:  Manufactured CDs and longer runs of CDRs

Our designer will also incorporate on-body artwork into the design.  This is included in the design cost.