CD Manufacture

If you require 500 discs or more, we generally recommend that your discs are manufactured rather than duplicated as CD-Rs/DVD-Rs.

The minimum production run for manufactured discs is 500, but it is more cost effective to press 1000 or more and the maximum duration for a standard manufactured CD is 79 minutes and 40 seconds.  Once the master has been created, all artwork is complete and the MCPS license has been issued, the CDs are normally delivered in approximately 3 weeks.  All our discs are manufactured in the EU either by Technicolor in Poland or by MPO in France.

There are a variety of packaging options for DVDs and CDs.  Most clients opt for the standard jewel case, but depending on the project, it’s also worth considering alternatives such as super jewel cases, cardboard sleeves, plastic wallets or the many types of DigiPak.  Each of these packaging options has a specific artwork layout for the booklet and inlay – a standard booklet is 6 pages, but can be any length from 2 to 128 pages and we can help you select the right product for your project.