Music Photography

by Simon Weir

  • Oxbridge Organ Duo
  • BB Trust Celebrated - QEH London
  • David Owen Norris - pianist
  • Guy Protheroe - conductor
  • Mitsuko Uchida - pianist
  • Arcubus Ensemble
  • Angela Brownridge - pianist
  • Ulrich Gerhardt - senior piano technician, Steinways, London
  • Steven Gral - organist
  • Martin Fröst - clarinettist
  • Dennis O'Neil - tenor
  • Stacey Kent with Jim Tomlinson & The Other Ebene

Nearly 30 years in the classical music industry as a record producer has given me a deep insight into the sensitivities of performers and I aim to bring that out in my photographic images, whether it is a moment of calm composure or artistic anguish.  My clients range from individual performers to symphony orchestras and I have built up strong relationships with many of the UK’s top concert halls through the use of specially prepared silent and remote controlled cameras.

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