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Classical Media is pleased to announce a close working partnership with one of Spain’s foremost recording facilities Cable Musical.

Bertram Kornacher

Cable Musical was founded in Spain in 1995 and from the beginning its activity was centered on the recording and production of classical music. Its director, Bertram Kornacher, trained as a “Tonmeister” on the prestigious University course in Berlin, where as well as doing many practical recordings as both music balancer and producer,  a wide knowledge of both musical and technical subjects are taught. After several years working in Germany as producer and music balancer in Berlin (Schalloran Studio) and Cologne (Radio WDR) he moved to Spain and established the recording company Cable Musical.

Among its clients are major record companies such as SONY, WARNER (ERATO), OPERA TRES, GLOSSA MUSIC and GLISSANDO and the company regularly works with the Orquesta de Valencia, Orquesta de Barcelona y Nacional de Cataluña OBC, Symphonic Concert Band from Madrid, Philarmonic Orquestra Prague, Symphonic Band of the Spanish Marine Corps, and musicians such as Joaquín Achúcarro, Victoria de los Ángeles, Ana María Martínez, Eduardo Paniagua, Manuel Galduf, Álvaro Marías, Gerardo Arriaga, Juan Carlos de Mulder, Cuarteto Silvestri, Capilla Peñaflorida, Escolanía del Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial.  The company also produces recordings and independent editions of CDs for individual clients and public institutions.

The recordings are made with portable equipment of the latest technology (Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG microphones, 24 bit digital mixer, etc.) in venues selected because of their exceptional acoustics.  Post-production is carried out with the powerful SADiE editor, installed in the company’s purpose built editing and mastering suite. Here work is also done on sound tracks for shows and theatre plays, as well as new CD compilations of older recordings.

The fundamental objective of Cable Musical is to use the best environment, both human and technical, in order to get the very finest interpretations and performances of works onto CD.

Co-productions with Classical Media include recordings in London, Prague, Valencia and Barcelona, and the aim of this partnership is to provide high quality recording and post-production facilities throughout Europe at a realistic cost.

Bertram Kornacher
C/ Tulipanes,7
28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
(Madrid) Spain
Tel. : +34 91 890 26 94
e-mail : [email protected]