Recording Venues

The selection of a recording venue for a particular project depends on a variety of factors:

Wathen Hall, London
  • Size / capacity for the ensemble
  • Acoustic suitability for the ensemble and repertoire
  • Consideration of external noise such as traffic, aircraft, trains, school children etc.
  • Availability and location of a suitable monitoring room
  • Location and accessibility for the performers
  • Security – especially if recording equipment or instruments are to be left on-site overnight
  • Temperature – is it heated or will silent radiators need to be hired?
  • Lighting – we have a 2.5 kW lighting rig designed for sessions available
  • Instruments – some venues have resident pianos, harpsichords and organs
  • Availability – religious venues are generally unavailable on worship days, and many schools are only free at weekends or out of term-time
  • Cost – this can vary enormously depending on the size and popularity of the venue and the instruments available

For more information about venues we work in regularly do contact us.