Classical Media has always had a close working relationship with BBC Radio and its many independent programme makers.  We are one of the few companies providing technical facilities both to BBC production departments and independent producers.  Simon Weir, a former BBC outside broadcast engineer is familiar with standard BBC practice and has a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of broadcast audio.

We are equipped to record live concerts for broadcast as either deferred relay or live transmission in conjunction with a BBC link facility such as a satellite OB truck or installed digital music circuits. – [CONCERTS FOR BROADCAST]

Recording sessions for broadcast use are similar to commercial sessions but are often under more rigorous time constraints and require considerable expertise from both producer and engineer to ensure that the required repertoire is recorded in the allotted time – [SESSIONS FOR BROADCAST]

Our track record in Broadcast Post-Production is extensive.  Our SADiE equipped editing studio has all the facilities required to produce complex multilayered radio programmes to broadcast specifications, including check monitoring and BBC type PPMs – [BROADCAST POST PRODUCTION]