Broadcast Post Production

The post-production facilities at Classical Media provide the ideal location to compile, edit, mix and master radio programmes.

With industry standard SADiE Version 6 and Reaper workstations and many years of experience in programme making for both BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4, we are able to realise all types of programme from a simple ‘presenter + music’ to complex multi-layer montages and dramas.  We can accept raw material on almost any analogue or digital format and have extensive audio restoration tools for dealing with historic or “difficult” material.

Many independent producers, already equipped with their own SADiE or Reaper systems, bring partly completed programmes in to us on hard disc for final mixing and mastering.  This gives the great benefit of a controlled monitoring environment at the most critical stages and with standard BBC PPMs, mono check loudspeakers and an understanding of the over-controlling requirements of different networks, we are able to ensure that the finished programme fully meets both technical and artistic specifications.

Our post-production has won many prestigious awards including Gold in the Best Feature category of the 2004 Sony Radio Awards for “Lance Corporal Baronowski’s Vietnam”, a Loftus Production for BBC Radio 4.  The Sony Radio Academy Award citation described the programme as ‘A beautifully produced account of an extraordinary man in an extraordinary family at an extraordinary moment in world history.’

Case Study: Kindertotenlied (Song on the death of children)
An Alan Hall/Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 3
BBC Nomination for the Prix Europa and Sony Radio Awards

So the sun intends to rise as usual as if the world hadn’t ended last night …

This half-hour feature meditates upon the almost unimaginable grief of bereaved parents.  The central stories belong to two fathers: Nigel Clarke, whose daughter Evie died after a short illness in the early summer of 2003, and David Harrington, whose son Adam died suddenly on Easter Sunday 1995.  In an attempt to come to terms with their loss, Nigel has published a collection of Evie’s poems about her illness and David, leader of the Kronos Quartet, has recorded a Requiem for Adam by the American composer Terry Riley.

These monuments to their children are placed alongside the thoughts of the fathers and others touched by such tragedies and heard in the context of other artistic responses to grief – the music of Gustav Mahler setting poems written on the death of two of his own children by Friedrich Rückert.  The Mahler is also heard in a new version by jazz pianist Uri Caine and the poems in recent translations by Blake Morrison.  Kindertotenlied – Song on the Death of Children offers a memorial to ‘the worst thing that can possibly happen’.

The feature’s post-production was engineered by Morgan Roberts who has worked closely with Alan Hall on many award-winning programmes.