Although much of our work is mixed at the time of recording, some projects benefit from being recorded ‘multitrack’, keeping recording elements separate. These would then be mixed at a later stage. Whilst clearly more time-consuming, this approach can be more flexible, and is particularly useful for complex and/or large-scale recordings (such as staged opera), as well as certain music styles (e.g. cabaret, musical theatre). It would also be necessary if different versions of the same material were ultimately required, e.g. a stereo version and a surround version.

Generally speaking, editing of takes would be done on the multitrack recordings before mixing, and this may be done on either the SADiE or Reaper hard-disc editors.

The final result of mixing may be conventional stereo, multi-channel / surround, or both. As well as Neumann monitors, our editing studio is equipped with a 5.1 Genelec system, laid-out in accordance with ITU BS.775-1.