Classical Media provides a full range of location HD video recording, live-streaming and post-production services aimed principally at the classical performers, promoters and concert venues.  Our multi-camera rig is compact and unobtrusive making it ideal for filming concerts in prestigious venues like London’s Wigmore Hall and we offer a wide range of packages for everything from demonstration videos to live streamed concerts.

Areas we cover include:

  • Multi-camera filming of live concerts for Blu-Ray discs, ┬áDVDs or the internet [concert videos]
  • Multi-camera live streaming of concerts in full HD to all standard platforms including YouTube, Facebook Live and Vimeo Live [live streaming]
  • Demonstration videos for singers or instrumentalists and their agents/promoters [demonstration videos]
  • Competition video entries – usually unedited single camera but beautifully lit with superb sound! [competition videos]
  • Promotional videos for classical CDs including session material and interviews [promotional videos]
  • Commercial classical music films for streaming, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs [music videos]

Our approach to classical music video is a little different to that of most video production companies…

We always starts with the sound – we never compromise the audio for the sake of the pictures and we believe that in the right circumstances visible microphones in shot are completely acceptable.

With 3 full size broadcast 4K cameras, 3 midsize broadcast 4K cameras and 3 smaller ‘pro-sumer’ HD cameras we are exceptionally well equipped for multi camera filming.  With a carefully controlled post-production workflow it becomes almost impossible to tell which type of camera was used for any given shot and the compact cameras can be placed discretely in locations where a full size video camera would be unacceptable – onstage  in the middle of a symphony orchestra looking back at the conductor for example.

Our live-streaming setup includes an 8 camera switcher and a hardware stream encoder that can directly access all the standard streaming platforms to generate high quality 1080-50p HD streams via ethernet, wifi or even mobile broadband.

We use multiple fixed cameras to produce a variety of angles or points of view, sometimes with only one or two manned camera.  This approach is ideally suited to live concerts where the audience is hardly aware the concert is being filmed and is approved by prestigious London venues such as the South Bank, Wigmore Hall, St. John’s Smith Square and the Royal Albert Hall.

Together, all of this means that we can offer fantastic end results without the enormous budgets often associated with video production.

Please contact us for more information.