Grid Videos

Since the Covid-19 lockdown took hold in early 2020 we have been inundated with requests to produce grid videos – performers playing on their own at home, recorded on a smart phone and assembled into a video grid of players.

Amongst the many projects we have worked on one client, Chineke!, stands out in particular for their adventurous approach to this genre. Projects we have done for them include a collaboration between Chineke! in the UK and the Sphinx Foundation in the USA to produce an 81 player grid – a full symphony orchestra with nine conductors. They performed Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s suite from Othello and the film was featured as part of the South Bank Centre’s Music in Lockdown.

Another project for them was a short tribute to George Floyd who’s tragic death was the catalyst for the global Black Lives Matter movement and we are very proud to have played a small part in this important awakening.

With the Chineke! Junior Orchestra we made two grid videos for the BBC Blue Peter programme including a special arrangement of the Blue Peter theme tune by Benjamin Kwasi Burrell.

If you are considering a project of this type do contact us to find out more.